You’re Fifteen – How Can That Be?


You’re Fifteen.

How can that be?

I look at you now and you’re taller than me.

You’re riding colts and roping like a boss,

Once you’re unsaddled, you just smile and give your hair a toss.

I remember when you were born on that late, late night

I felt the weight of responsibility to do this job right.

I held you in my arms and cuddled you close

I counted your fingers, I kissed your toes.

I thanked God for blessing me with you,

All these years later, even more so now, I still do.

Watching you grow; listening to your plans and dreams

I see the Lord in your life and He’s just picking up steam!

You’re sensitive, creative, funny and so darn sincere,

There’s nothing you can’t do – just push through that fear.

God has great things in store for you, just wait and see,

It makes my heart full thinking of all you already are and all you will be.

Happy Fifteenth Birthday B!

Christmas B


Love you to the moon,




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