To My Youngest on her 10th Birthday

 Yesterday, we celebrated our baby’s tenth birthday. It continually amazes me how time flies.


Today you’re ten!

That’s a mighty big number

I sit here thinking back over the years

while you still slumber.

You’re so smart, thoughtful

with a super quick wit.

I love when you curl up next to me

for a chat or just to sit.

You love the Lord

and read that Bible daily.

You walk around the house singing

so loud and so gaily!

In ways you’re so much like me,

independent and hard-headed.

No fault of your own

I guess those genes are just embedded.

Your actions and words make me

laugh, cry and marvel

but when it comes to you

I’ll always be partial.

I’m in your corner,

I’m on your side.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl,

I call you “Daughter” with pride!




One Response to “To My Youngest on her 10th Birthday

  • a darling girl…..and what a beautiful tribute to
    turning “10.”

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