Where did Summer go?

Where did summer go?

Excuse the smudges on the windshield. This is an action shot after hours of driving!

And I’m back from yet another sabbatical. A summer sabbatical.

If we call it a sabbatical, it sounds better than I’ve just not been writing. No time to write. No time to do much of anything.

Except drive.

My summer was a whirlwind. Miles and miles of driving.

2050 miles driven to get Brennan and her horses to Colorado for six weeks and then back home again.

690 miles driven for three round trips to deliver each girl to church camp on their given week.

2300 miles logged for three round trips to California throughout the summer where my horseman was starting colts for a couple of months.

5040 miles just getting everyone where they need to go and getting myself back home again.

Yep, lots of driving.

We also had a wildfire that almost burned our headquarters down; including our house. A big, no, a huge, strike that, a gargantuan Thank You to the BLM fire fighters that came to the rescue.

Then, we had a flood that washed out our road. Again.

And on top of all of that, we wrapped up our summer by moving to a different spot on the ranch.

Not because we just like to move. Or because we have so many Rubbermaid containers that we think, “What the heck! Let’s fill these suckers up yet again.” Or because we just can’t stay put. Although it does seem like that last one might be worth looking into.

We moved because we needed to get off that mountain. It was really just too rocky and slanted for training horses.

The whole place was uphill…or downhill. **That may depend on your outlook on life. But I’ll just leave that thought right here and we’ll move on.**

So we moved. To a flatter, less rocky spot.

The house is smaller.

But closer to town.

Well, the bigger towns that we frequent. Bigger town = town with a Walmart 😉

It’s really a little farther from the nearest town than we were before.

Did that make sense?



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