What Will You Remember?

footprints in the sand

Dear Daughter,

When we visit the South, I watch you with the southern girls you meet.

You’re so funny and witty. You aren’t afraid to put yourself on the chopping block to get a laugh from the crowd. *And I looove that.*

When those girls start talking about back to school events, shopping at the mall, church youth group, and Friday night football games, you just smile and listen.

We have a different life out in the Nevada desert, don’t we? We’re out there, just the five of us, most of the time.

Because we’re together sooooo much, I feel like I know you and you know me in a way you that probably wouldn’t be if we lived in town and you went off to school every day and were involved in lots of activities.

There are days that I wonder what you’ll remember about your childhood.

Will you remember all the travel, the goofy dancing in the kitchen during school time, the talks we had? Will you remember the brandings, the constant flow of compliments on your horsemanship and the confidence you gained from moving cows on your own, operating equipment at an early age and time spent learning to cook?

I hope so.

Sometimes I feel like you’re missing out by not being in school, in activities, in civilization. I have to stop and remember that what you’re gaining from our lifestyle far outweighs the few social activities you miss out on from time to time.

I want so much for you to lead an abundant life. A life full of adventure where you can flourish and be just who God created you to be. I want you to be grounded enough to think through decisions and confident enough to choose the road less taken if it calls to you.

And I pray that the life you’re leading now with us is preparing you for what is to come. I know it’s not always easy and sometimes quite exhausting. But I see you being molded into this amazing person with all these layers formed from the life we’ve lived.

One day, it will be time for you to spread your wings and fly. Fly out into the world and make your mark. Who knows where you’ll go or what you’ll do?

The one thing I do know. You’re going to soar like an eagle.

Love you to the moon,




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