We’re on Latitude/ Longitude, Buddy.

Desert Living

Getting ready for another school year has taken over my life lately.

Particularly, my high schooler’s year.

We decided to go with an online school for this school year which meant I’d been submitting documents out the wazoo for over a week. You really cannot believe all the documents I’ve had to submit.

One area that was an interesting challenge was proving residency.

I know what you’re thinking…utility bill. Just give them a utility bill and that’s the end of it, silly goose.

And therein lies our problem…

 Remember we live off the grid? Our electricity comes from a turbine (i.e. makes power from water) and we have a back-up generator. So, no electric bill.

And, I don’t even know where the closest telephone lines are…nowhere near here. Again, no phone bill. *Cell phones don’t count, ugh.*

The list goes on

We do have satellite tv and thank the Good Lord Above, that was on the list of approved documents.  And then, Oh dear me… we ran into another snag.

We don’t have a physical address; we’re pretty much on latitude / longitude. You can find us on Google Earth. (The school didn’t seem to care about that) We get our mail in town through a PO box. We have packages shipped to a friend’s house in town because no one delivers out to us.  So, on our satellite tv bill, our service address which is supposed to be our physical address is a “made-up” address. They just needed something to put in their computer. Shhhhhh, don’t tell Directv.

Let me just give you a little peek into the loooooong conversation between myself and the guy on the phone who was wishing he hadn’t been assigned to deal with me. (We’ll call him GOPGuy on Phone)

GOP: “We’ll just need proof of residency ma’am. So, we need a document verifying the physical address we have on file. You said you were submitting a Directv bill?”

Me:  “Yes. But, that’s not the shipping or mailing address you have on file. I live way out of town and our service address on the bill is just where Directv put up the satellite.”

GOP: “So that will be the shipping address we have?”

Me:  “No, no. We don’t have anything else with that address on it. But that’s technically our physical address.”

GOP:  “Oh, I understand. So, to be sure things match up in our system, I’ll change your shipping address on file to this service address.”

Me:  “That’s fine, but don’t actually ship anything to that address. When it comes time to ship materials, you’ll need the original shipping address I provided.”

GOP:  “And you live at the shipping address?”

And our conversation circle continued.

I won’t go on here, but FINALLY, I thought I painted the picture of how things work and GOP was on board with me.

We hung up.

The next day, the proof of residency was accepted.

The day after that, my high schooler was officially accepted and we were emailed instructions on logging into our online account.

I logged into the parent account.

I found our account information. And there it was. My correct mailing address and the shipping address was now my “made-up” address. All instructions on changing addresses directed me to an 800 number. Here we go again.

***Insert loud sigh.***



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