Warm Winter Day

On Thursday of last week, I drove three and a half hours over a mountain range to get the girls to friends’ houses for the weekend.

Thursday night, I drove back home. Back over that mountain range. In the dark. In the snow. A lot of snow.

I got home at 2:30 AM.

The next morning, I slept in a little bit. After my morning caffeine and devotion, I put on all my winter gear to go down to the barn and help Clint.

When it snows or rains Clint uses a small, covered area to ride in. It works great, the ground stays dry. The only catch is it’s a hike to get over to it.

With all this snow we have at the ranch now, the girls and I have been taking turns switching out horses for Clint. We take new horses over to our covered area and bring back the ones he’s done with. It saves him a lot of time walking back and forth. He can put his energy into riding all the horses we have here now for training.

So, anyway, like I said, we got a lot of snow on Thursday night. I suited up in my bibs, wild rag (scarf for you non-westerners), winter hat, coat and gloves. I kept my fleece pajama pants on underneath as well.

I thought I’d sled down. The girls have been doing it for the last month and they had their sled path perfected so that they could get all the way down to the barn.

My sledding adventure took me about 6 feet. The snow was too deep. So, now, I’m overly clothed and dragging a sled along.


I started off looking like this. (I’m a terrible selfie taker!)

My first trip over to Clint went okay. No tracks to walk in, so I’m leading a horse and wading through shin deep snow. My body temperature is beginning to rise.

On the way back to the barn with a horse, I’m feeling a little warm. I take my wild rag off. Whew! That’s better!

My next trip over I feel like my feet weigh 20 pounds each! I shed my jacket and left it on the gate. I also took off my gloves and shoved them in my pocket.

By the next trip, the shoulder straps of my bibs are hanging down past my waist and I think I’m staggering a bit. I’ve ditched my winter hat somewhere. Must let heat leave my body. So…very…warm! Have you seen Lampoon Vacation? The one where the family goes on a cross country road trip? They have a wreck out in the desert so Clark Griswold goes looking for help. I was Clark Griswold.

I’m finally done for a bit and trudge back through the snow, picking up my hat and jacket as I go.

I looked more like this later. Photo Credit: bluejayhunter.com

I looked more like this later.
Photo Credit: bluejayhunter.com

I went back up to the house, all my winter gear thrown into my sled dragging behind me.

I have about thirty minutes before I need to go back down. I use my time to drink more coffee and change into more appropriate gear.

I step outside again. The sun is shining brightly. The snow is gleaming. I feel much better in my lighter apparel.

I decide to try sledding down again. This time, I get about two feet further. Fantastic.

****Oh my! I put what I thought was a funny link to the Lampoon Vacation movie – yikes! Potty mouth alert! So sorry! It’s gone now!****





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