Travel Fairy Revelations, Gift Cards, and Wonderful Walmart

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Wal-Mart Gift Cards with Incomm

Gift cards as gifts.

I used to feel like that was taking the l-a-z-y way out of gift giving. Just grabbing a gift card seemed a bit thoughtless.

Until recently.

Recently, I was playing “travel fairy” and it got me to thinking that maybe gift cards give more than I thought.

A lot more…

Let me back up just a bit. (you know I love me a good back story…)

“Travel Fairy” is something I invented quite a few years back. You see, all these years of living out west while the rest of our family live in the South have required us to log a whole lotta miles in cars and planes, and we’ve spent countless hours in hotel rooms and airports.

So, when the girls were little, I invented the “Travel Fairy”. The Travel Fairy brought fun things for the trip. She doled out goodies in the car or on the plane…a new movie to watch, crayons and coloring books, M&M’s in a re-sealable bag so they didn’t spill out all over the tray table and roll down the aisle.  Experience taught the Travel Fairy that last one. 😉

*The girls are older now and they take care of their own entertainment. Yes, the Travel Fairy still provides trip snacks and such, but the girls are now more interested special coffee drinks in the airport and shopping trips and other “town” outings once we’ve arrived at our destination.*

Fast forward to our last trip that we took around Thanksgiving. The girls and I traveled down south for a visit. I left after about a week and they were to stay for another ten days. At the conclusion of their trip, they’d be making their first solo flight.

This time, I thought I’d leave them with gift cards so they could do a couple of fun things. I made a trip to Walmart and thank goodness the holiday gift card display was out. Lots of options; cards with smaller amounts so I could give them each a card of their own. I settled on a three-pack of Regal Theater cards and a three-pack of Starbucks cards.

#SaveMoneyGiveBetter2017 A Horseman's Wife Walmart Holiday Gift Cards

When I handed them their cards, their faces lit up. They tucked their cards into their wallets and were already planning which movie they’d see on Thanksgiving weekend and what drink they’d order at Starbucks on their trip home.

Once home, I kept thinking about how excited the girls were. The smiles were wide and the anticipation was genuine. Those little cards were giving them something to look forward to. Those little cards  promised an experience in the future.

Just some little cards.

Hmmm. So that got me to thinking about my ever growing Christmas list. Gifts I need to find, purchase, wrap, and ship. What if I did more gift card giving? Less running around for me, more of an experience for the recipient.

And the best part, with the holiday gift cards out at Walmart, there are just the right amount and just the right card for everyone on my list.

So, I kicked off my gift giving season with a pre-Christmas gift to my own family. Fa-La-La-La-La

Last week at Walmart, I picked up a $50 Red Robin gift card with $10 Bonus Bucks (we love their burgers and shakes!) and a $25 Regal Movie Card that includes a Free Drink with a large Popcorn purchase from the holiday gift card display.  I swung by the craft section and grabbed raffia and mini clothespins.

Then, I hung them on our tree. Excitement followed.

We’re all looking forward to our town trip at the end of this week. No horse trailer in tow. Just our family; going to dinner and a movie and maybe driving around to look at Christmas lights.

It’s surprising to me what a little card can do.

And now, my gift giving wheels are turning and I’m realizing that giving gift cards from Walmart could be both simpler on my end as well as super thoughtful and fun for the receiver.

Daughters flying solo #SaveMoneyGiveBetter2017

btw…the girls’ first solo flight went off without a hitch!

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An early Merry Christmas my friends.






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