The Tea Party


I was in the kitchen washing dishes, just about to get dinner going and then run down to the barn to feed all the horses. Another day finally close to wrapping up.

“Mom, can you come here?” you called.

“What’d ya need?” I called back, wiping my hands on a towel and following your voice into the room.

“Close the door”, you whispered to me when I walked in.

You had made us a tea party like we used to have when you were four.  When we would sneak away from the rest of the family for just a bit. Just you and me.

Graham crackers with cream cheese and purple Gatorade set up on old TV trays. You had even found a candle and picked some flowers. You had activities for us to do and a book to read to me.

Dinner could wait, so could the horses.

For the next forty-five minutes, we chatted, munched on our snack and sipped our drinks. We played with stickers and you read me a book. A book that I know every word to because I read it to you and your sisters soooo many times.

In that room, in those moments, time stood still.

Just you and me. No conversations held over the noise of the TV or in competition with another sister or on the way out the door. It was quiet, it was bliss, it was just what I needed without knowing I needed it.

Thank you.

Thank you for the tea party. Thank you for wanting to still spend time with me. Thank you for pulling me away from life’s demands. Thank you for reminding me that these moments are precious and fleeting.

You were just what I needed that day.

Thank you.

I love you to the moon,




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