The Sock Drawer

The Sock Drawer

The Sock Drawer.

Now, I’m not talking about *your* drawer in *your* dresser that holds *your* socks. Nope. I used to have one of those too.

Currently my sock drawer has been taken over by all the mismatched socks that make their way through the laundry cycle and come out without a mate. Solamente Uno.

Can you believe that picture? I mean, what????? That’s a lot of socks. No wonder we are in a perpetual sock shortage in our house.

This began a while back when I needed a spot to store socks until I found that long lost mate. Seemed like a good solution. I’d know right where to look when I had a “mate-less” sock come out of the dryer.

I came to the realization yesterday morning that something had gone awry with this set up when I opened my drawer to grab a pair of socks for myself and couldn’t find any of my own socks.

I dug and dug and in the waaaaay far back of the drawer there was one pair of my socks. One. The entire drawer had been taken over by those single socks waiting for their *sole* mate.

That was the last straw. Just because I’m Mom doesn’t mean I have to give up my very own sock drawer! Oh no! I was taking it back! Then and there.

I dumped out that sock drawer on my bed. Ready to take the whole lot to the trash.

You know what I found?

Out of alllll those single socks…There were seven pairs of socks just waiting to be folded together and distributed to their rightful owner.

Yep. Seven.



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