The Girls are Back!


The girls are back on the ranch!

I drove the three and a half hours to the nearest airport and picked up the girls and my mom.

After a night in a hotel, a drive back to the horse trailer I dropped off, a grocery store run, a trip to the feed store and picking up two horses to haul home; we rolled in through the last gate just in time for dinner.

Yesterday the girls unpacked. They checked on their goats. They picked apples in the orchard. They floated on inner tubes in the pond. They showed my mom everything they missed.

And of course, they saddled up and rode.

A month in the South was a blast for the girls; complete with plenty of pool time, a beach trip, shopping, movies, Cajun dance lessons and all the other town activities and festivities they got to enjoy.

girls riding

Because a girl without her horse is like salt without pepper, mac without cheese or mornings without coffee (*that last one might just be me*)

When you gotta ride, you gotta ride.

They climbed on their ponies, sorted some horses for us and just hung out at the barn.

Just hung out with the horses.

And it did my heart good to watch.



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