What a difference 2300 miles makes in a Thanksgiving! With all the moving, our Thanksgivings are rarely the same two years in a row. This year was no exception…

We had a clinic in Mississippi last weekend. (The weekend before Thanksgiving) So, we took advantage of being close to family for a change and planned to stay through Thanksgiving. As I it was getting close to time to book flights, Clint said he really didn’t feel like he could stay in the South after the clinic. Too much riding to do. He didn’t want to get behind with the winter coming on. (There are days that are just too cold and snowy to ride up at the ranch in the winter).

Reluctantly, I agreed. The girls and I would stay in the South and Clint would fly back to Nevada the Monday after the clinic.

A quick glance at our week.

On Monday, Clint flew back to Nevada. The girls and I dropped him at the airport and drove to Destin, Florida to visit my sweet mother and father-in-law.

On Tuesday, Clint grabbed his trailer (we stashed it at a friend’s place on the way) and met a client from CA to pick up a new horse to ride for a few months. Then, he picked up a bazillion vet supplies (stocking up for winter), probably had to hit Wal-mart and continued home in 30 degree weather.

On Tuesday, we visited the Gulfarium in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. (Had to get in our educational trip). We watched the dolphin show, got up close and personal with some alligators and finished the night off with shrimp for dinner.  20151125_081426

Wednesday for Clint consisted of riding in the snow. Wednesday for us was ice skating in a rink set up just for the holidays, watching sunset on the beach and bowling in an underwater themed bowling alley.


Colts lined up waiting for their turn

Thanksgiving met Clint with more snow and lots of riding. We drove to the Panama City area to have Thanksgiving with more family. Clint chipped ice in the water troughs, we fished in a Cypress pond in t-shirts. We feasted on turkey, ham and all the trimmings. Clint kept riding. When I talked to him on Thanksgiving night, he was finally in the house. Football on, fire roaring, ribs heating up in the oven (my Memphis living, bbq snob brother shipped him ribs and pulled pork from Germantown Commissary). We were wrapping up with a late night swim in balmy 68 degree weather.

Today, Clint will munch on leftover ribs, ride, watch more football and keep that fire stoked up. As I write this, I’m enjoying my last few hours in FL, knowing the ocean is only footsteps away. Soon, we’ll pack up and travel to Mississippi. I’ll be savoring my dad’s leftover smoked turkey for dinner and listening to crickets on the back porch.

I hope where ever you spent your Thanksgiving, it was fabulous and warm or cold or somewhere in between!




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