Springtime Travelin’

We made it home.

This morning, I’m sipping coffee on my couch in my pajama pants and running shoes (I fed the horses earlier and I’m still sporting the trend setting outfit I wore down to the barn.)

The family is still sleeping off the busy weekend. I should probably wake them – we do have school to do – but the house is sooo quiet…

We had a horsemanship clinic in Hollister, California over the weekend. Beautiful place. Great people. Excellent food.

I love traveling to these clinics because we stop at all kinds of out of the way places.

We checked out Topaz Lake by Gardnerville, NV. I highly recommend that  if you’re ever in the area. Topaz Lodge has delicious food and killer views.


We traveled up and over the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Always impressive.

Hollister, CA gave me beautiful backdrops for my clinic pictures.


We rolled out of Hollister around 5am on Monday and met up with some friends for breakfast and to pick up another horse in Lockeford, CA.  If you find yourself cruising through Lockeford, definitely stop by the Country Café. Super cute place with plenty of room for trucks and trailers (“good parking” has a different meaning to us). A grassy spot in the back to walk the horses around and a spicket to snag water for them.  The girls even caught  a few tiny frogs. (In the grass not the restaurant.)


Once we were back in the Sierra Nevadas we stopped for a quick snowball fight and family pic. (Clint opted out of this one – the pic not the snowball fight. He was the first one to throw a snowball.)


We had to hit the bank and the grocery store as we came through one town. We dropped off Brennan’s mare to be bred at a friend’s place and were home by 8 pm last night.

Next weekend, we’ll head out again. In the meantime, we’ve got horses to ride, a few calves to brand, school to finish, laundry to do, shirts to starch and iron…

And yet, I’m still sitting here.



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