Another Sale Week Down and Done.

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Clint Weaver in the sale ring in Elko, NV

Sale week.

A few weeks back, we survived yet another slew of days that made up another  horse sale week. Wait, we more than survived; we conquered it, we crushed it. (insert fist bump followed by **fireworks**)

Sale week is always a blur. A blur of activity propelling our family toward a horse sale at the end of the week.

This year, we’d had two young colts with us for the summer. Clint’s job was to get them started and going well before the sale in mid-September.

There is a “boo-coo to do” leading up to any horse sale. Lots of riding, pictures and videos of the colts, fielding phone calls from interested buyers… The week before and the weekend of the sale takes some serious energy.

The first few days of sale week, Clint rides strategically – he rides with the end in mind. Checking out each colt in all the areas he’s worked on in the past months. Polishing up any maneuvers that are still a bit rough. He spends time riding them on cows, to build their confidence and make sure they’ll show well in the sale preview.

Clint Weaver Horsemanship during sale weekend in Elko, NV

The day before we leave for town with our sale horses is “clipping day”. Yep, just like a fella might clean up the whiskers and any stray hairs before a big night on the town, we do the same to the colts. We run our electric clippers over their noses and under their chins. We clean up their ears and do away with any hair around their feet. It’s all in the presentation, friends.

On Thursday afternoon of this sale week, the girls and I washed our two sale colts, Camille and Red Rocket. Truth be told, the girls washed and I supervised. (Did I mention how fabulous it is when your kids get old enough to really, I mean, really, be help? Fab-u-lous, I tell you.)

Washing horses, getting ready to head to Elko, NV for the sale weekend

So we *got em’ all shined up fer town.*

On Friday, Clint and two girls pulled out in the morning, headed for Elko, NV with a trailer full of horses. I had one girl stay with me to finish up chores, and follow behind.

Once we were all in town, the pace picked up.

We checked-in at the sale office. Clint rode both colts around the fairgrounds so they could get the lay of the land. No time for nerves on Sale Day, Little Colts. We also had to wash our personal horses that came in with us because they looked like pasture rats. ‘Cause we lit-er-al-ly pulled ‘em out of the pasture and threw ‘em in the trailer.

Friday evening was a youth roping, just for fun. Clint roped with Abigail and then Carley in the youth roping Friday night. Such fun to watch! All these kids, ages 10 – 14 roping with their parents.

Clint and Carley Griffin roping in Elko, NV

Brennan was ground crew. “Ground crew” is where you end up when you’re too old to rope in the youth roping but you’re a strong gal with some calf know-how. And I, like usual, was the designated family photographer and cheerleader.

Clint, Abigail and Brennan as ground crew in Elko, NV

After the roping, after getting horses put up and fed, after a delicious dinner of tacos from the taco truck, after checking into the hotel, after taking the “little” girls down to the indoor pool as promised, after an entire high school girls soccer team joined me in the hot tub, after I skulked out of that hot tub feeling waaay older than a high schooler…we settled into bed. Ahhh.

Saturday morning, Clint and I dragged our bodies out of bed at 5:30 am and I shuttled him to the fairgrounds so he could get his horses saddled up for the 8 am preview.  I proceeded to get the girls up, drink coffee, check out of the hotel, drink more coffee, and hustle back to the fairgrounds to help with the horses, and find some coffee.

Sale day can really wear a gal out. Unfortunately, sale day is no time for *tired*. For me, it usually requires regular infusions of caffeine throughout the day.

Clint previewed the horses beautifully.

The girls and I gave those two colts their “pre-sale” bath .

Horse Shampoo and Arizona Energy Shots get us through sale weekends

Clint hung around the stalls, answering questions about his horses and shooting the breeze with anybody that felt like a chat about horses, saddles or cattle.

Clint shooting the breeze during the horse sale weekend

I gotta say, around lunch time, I was feeling the effects of sale week catching up with me. It was hard to pick my boots up as I trudged to the horse trailer to get lunch ready for the family… Hmmm, I still had the sale, a trip to the grocery store and the two hour drive home in my near future. (Just livin’ the dream, my friends, just livin’ the dream.)

And then, I had a **light bulb** moment.

I brought home a few Arizona Energy Shots from a blogging conference in Arkansas the week before the sale. Could there be one buried in the bottom of my purse?

I rummaged through my bag in hopeful anticipation and oh, mamacita! I found it! I sat in a camp chair by our trailer and downed my Energy Shot in four seconds flat. Rarely cleaning out my purse has its advantages.

Thank goodness for Arizona Energy Shots during sale week!

And just like that, I was back in the game.

The sale came and went.

The colts sold well.

Once the sale was over, we had a “see-ya-next-year” exchange with the ranch that sent us the colts, our personal horses were loaded in the trailer and Clint pulled out headed for home while I rolled in the opposite direction…to where else, but Walmart.

After loading groceries, five-gallon jugs of water and dog food into the Expedition, the girls and I squeezed into the vehicle as well and waved goodbye to Elko.

Nevada Sunsets Arizona Energy Shots

The girls settled in for a quiet ride home. Chairs were tilted back, headphones appeared, and books were pulled out…I figuratively patted myself on the back for having the forethought to find that Energy Shot and the forethought before that forethought to not clean out my purse.

And that’s a wrap for another Sale Week.




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