Ranch Housing – It’s Not For Sissies! Part One

Yes, we lived here!

Moving from ranch to ranch gives a girl a chance for new adventures and experiences. New job, new country, new people, new grocery store, new, new, new. New house. Correction, on most ranches, “new” is not an appropriate word to describe the employee dwellings. Sometimes, even “house” can only be used loosely.

We’ve lived in some good ones.

Good ones that left me with lots of stories.

The first house we lived in threw me into the world of ranch housing like you throw crabs into a pot of boiling water and clamp down the lid. I wrote briefly about it in another post. It came with gray sulphur smelling water, peculiar plumbing and a resident pack rat.

The water had a nice rotten egg smell that could really take over a room.  Especially when you used the hot water.  The plumbing was unique to say the least. When I washed dishes, my dish water backed up into the bathtub. The tub was slow draining so I had to pace myself. Wash a few, check the tub, tub was filling up, take a break. And so on.

And of course, there was the pack rat.  He or she, I respected its privacy, filled our boots with dog food, rifled through our kitchen drawers and I’m pretty sure kicked it up its feet and watched TV on the couch when we weren’t there. It took us months to finally eradicate him…or her, I respected its privacy ’til the end.

The next house we lived in was a single wide trailer made in the 70’s. It was groovy. Gold and brown as far as the eye could see.  And it wasn’t intended to house humans in twenty below winter weather.

We had a wood stove in the front of the trailer that we kept a blazing fire in at all times and a fan going in hopes of  pushing hot air down the narrow hallway to the two bedrooms and bathroom.

It worked…sort of.

The den and kitchen stayed sweltering. We couldn’t keep chocolate in the kitchen; it melted into a pool of sticky goo. We watched TV in our shorts and t-shirts in the den. However, when we headed down the hall to the bathroom or a bedroom, we grabbed a sweatshirt for the trip. I slept in a stocking cap to keep precious heat from escaping my body during the night. Each morning when I woke up, my pillow was stiff and slightly frozen everywhere except where my head lay. I’d sit up, scrape frost off the inside of the window, and peer out at the white, frozen day.

Not only do ranch houses come with one-of-a-kind life experiences, but you up get close and personal with all things retro. i.e. appliances and counter tops put in when the house was built in the 50’s or added in later when those fabulous colored items went on sale.

Good stories, lots of them.

Check back in next week for part two of Ranch Housing – It’s Not For Sissies!




2 Responses to “Ranch Housing – It’s Not For Sissies! Part One

  • carrie george
    2 years ago

    You know more than most about ranch housing. I am loving your blog… so great to see you finally writing. Miss you friend and hope all is well

    • Ashley Weaver
      2 years ago

      Carrie!! Thanks for reading! Yep, finally writing…Finally! Miss you too.

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