Raising Girls and Letting Go

raising kids and letting go

Having children means learning to let go. (sigh)

Last week, Brennan and I loaded the truck and trailer with 4 horses, her saddle, favorite saddle pads, six bridles, a huge box of vet supplies and any other horse item she might need, a bedroll, an overstuffed duffle bag, and a plastic tote full of books, her laptop, and anything else she won’t want to do without for the next six weeks.

Six Weeks.

We drove 750 miles to deliver she and her horses to her first of many adventures. She’ll be staying with some good friends of ours who run Crossroads Horse Ministry.

She’ll be living in a cabin with our friends and their kids in the mountains gazing at scenery that takes your breath away. She’ll be riding and roping all summer long. She’ll be hanging with teenagers – no more isolation. She’ll get to take in their ministry. How it works and all that God does up in those mountains.

She’s going to take a break from her everyday life and experience an adventure.

It’s going to be great. Hopefully, life changing.

Now, all those things I know in my head, but my heart strings are gettin’ yanked on a bit.

This will be the first time I’ve ever been away from her anywhere near that long. And while I know this experience is going to be amazing, I know it’s just the beginning of many adventures for her.

Adventures that I won’t be on.

Adventures that I’ll hear about through phone calls and see through texted pictures.

And while I want that for her; For each of our daughters; This is a new adventure for me as well.

Learning to let go.

I learned to let go when she took her first steps. I wanted to keep holding her hand, but I knew I shouldn’t. Sometimes she fell and I had to let her. Because that was the only way she’d know how to get back up.

I learned to let go when I taught her to ride a bike. I could only run along, holding the seat for so long before I was huffing and puffing and it was time to let go. She rode, she crashed, she picked herself up, and off she rode again.

I learned to let go when we moved, way more than once, and yet again, she was the new kid in school. She was sad and then she found friends. And now, she knows how to make friends and show the new kid compassion.

I learned to let go in the past six months as she starting driving and started a colt that I was sure was going to hurt her. There were bumps along the way, but nothing that required a trip to the emergency room or a claim with the insurance company.

And now I see God was preparing me, just as much as He was preparing her for a time such as this.

Of course, I’m still guiding, supporting, and directing her (and texting her every day). But, what an opportunity.

I just know God is going to do great things with her this summer.

If only I will let go.



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  • And…this is only the beginning – but – what a great job you’re doing. I know you’ll be rewarded as great as I have been with you!!! Mom

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