R.I.P. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

R.I.P. Samsung Galaxy S4

Oh, S4, we had a good run, didn’t we?

You fit in my back pocket, sort of. You were our family’s hot spot. You held over 1600 pictures, horse videos, a bazillion quote graphics that I took a screen shot of or downloaded – certain that one day I would use them, share them, paint the sayings on a wooden sign, do something quite grand with them.  You kept my texts from 2014 (because I’m a text hoarder and you just never know when you’ll need that text that reads, “I’m in aisle 4, where r u?”). You alerted me of the upcoming weather and let me know when my Facebook friends were messaging me. You served me well.

My cell phone upgrade came and went almost a year ago. When my husband asked if I was going to use my upgrade I replied, “No, no, old S4 is doing just fine”. (I’m a little on the frugal side and being forced to pay that upgrade fee bugs me).

Yes, it was getting a little slow, but that happens to us all. In the past month, I could only talk on the phone by using the speaker phone setting or my blue tooth. But that was okay, I mean, who really actually talks on the phone much anymore?

But two days ago, while we’re still in Mississippi, I was reaching down for my blue tooth (because I really did need to make a call) and tragedy struck. Old S4 toppled out of my hand and hit the wood floor right on one of its corner. Hard.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Why Ashley, didn’t you have a case?” Yes, I did, but it was so stretched out that the last time I took it off to pull out the battery and bring old S4 back to life, I couldn’t get the case back on. I thought it would be fine for now. Fine until I ordered a new one from Amazon.

It wasn’t fine.

The screen has gone black.  However, S4 is still hanging on underneath the blackness. I hear texts coming through, (just heard a text ding as I write this) email notifications, and my morning alarm still wakes me up. The blue notification light is blinking. For some reason, I’ve still kept it charged.

But decisions must be made.

Old S4 is no longer. So, today (or maybe tomorrow, because it’s actually been quite peaceful) I suppose I’ll visit Verizonwireless.com and use that upgrade. I guess it’s time. *Sigh*

On the upside, I’m in civilization right now. So, overnight shipping actually means overnight shipping. And it won’t require an hour drive to town on a bumpy dirt road to fetch it.

Silver Linings.



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