Our Trip to The South

Family pic down south

And we’re back home. Well, Clint and I are home, the girls stayed back for another couple of weeks to soak up some more of that precious family time.

The trip to the South was soooo good; full of family, food and fun.  And fast. It always seems so fast.

Yes, we got in some pool time and a day at the lake complete with fried catfish and sailing across the lake in a tube built for three. We also caught up on our movie going (because we could be at the theater in about 10 minutes! You “town people” just don’t know what a treat that is for us! To leave the house and only go to the movies. Not the grocery store and the bank and the part store and the feed store and, and, and.).

My sweet mom surprised me with a massage and facial. And friends, I gotta say, if you haven’t experienced a facial from Sherry at Pampered Bodies in Meridian, Mississippi, you just haven’t lived yet! (The icing on my facial cream cake was that Sherry is a looong time friend, so we caught up on life while she soothed my thirsty, desert skin)

I did some writing on my parents back porch to the sound of croaking frogs. We caught up on “cousin time” in Mississippi and Louisiana. Even got to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday in person – events we are rarely a part of except by phone or Skype.

The girls floating on the swamp boat

The girls floating on the swamp boat

We toured a swamp and held an alligator. We watched our swamp guide feed those alligators marshmallows. What? Can you believe that? Marshmallows! Who knew?

We ate more delicious food than I can begin to list here.

Another special treat for me was time spent with Stephanie Buckley, The Park Wife. We happened to be in Mississippi at the same time and got to do a little gabbing on life, kids, God, and blogging. Such fun to chat about the winding paths our lives have taken.

Life is gettin’ back to normal out here on the desert. Feeding at 5am, lots of colts to ride, and laundry to hang on the line.

It’s always good to go visit and always good to come home.



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  • nancee
    1 year ago

    Memories, memories .. It was so good to have all of you. FUN! FUN! FUN! Looking forward to the next round. Mom

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