Our Pups Runneth Over


Ranch Puppies

Ranch life has it’s perks.

Last month, two of our cattle dogs had puppies within about a week of each other. One had eight, the other had five. So now, we have thirteen puppies. Thirteen. Puppies.

They’re oh-so-cute. And oh-so-cuddly.

But again, there are **thirteen** of them. That’s a whole lot of cuteness.

My mornings start off with me trekking down and letting the litter of eight out of their pen.  I collect their food pans and head back to the barn. Scoop puppy food into the pans, add warm water, and let that sit while I go feed the horses.

puppies on the ranch

*I found out the hard way that I’ve got to put those pans up high while they soak. Waaaay above cattle dog level (‘cause they’re jumpers). Our dogs consider soaked puppy food a dandy, delicious, treat and will do everything in their power to partake in the soft, gooey, goodness. *

I’ve lost a few pans in the past weeks to devious dogs. Not anymore, I tell you, I’m on to them and I’ve outsmarted them. Only took me losing, ahem, well, we’ll just say, more than two pans of puppy food.

After feeding the horses, I deliver the pans to the first litter. Then start the process over with the second litter.

Sometime during the day, we’ve been getting them together for a “puppy play date” of sorts for a couple of hours.

Late in the afternoon we start that feeding process all over again.

Puppies. Sooo many puppies.

puppies on the ranch

In a few weeks the puppies will have been sold and all will be gone to their new homes. I’ll be back to just feeding horses in the morning.

And I suppose I’ll miss those cute, cuddly faces.



Okay, okay, you know I will. I know I will.

I will.



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