Our Kids Know How to Work

Building fence

Building fence


Our kids know how to work.

We expect a lot from our girls. We rely on their help in our business and in the past couple of years they’re becoming quite good help. And we’re seeing the reward of teaching them to work.

Yes, the girls have household chores. They take turns doing the dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms.

But that’s really just the beginning for our girls.

The girls are a huge help down at the barn.

They brush and put colts up when Clint is done with them. On the way to their stalls, the girls take each horse over a tarp and through a couple of obstacles. All that ground work is great for every horse that comes to us and gets the girls handier at handling the horses.

Abigail and Carley help halter break foals and flag Clint on the first few rides on a colt. (What’s flagging?) Brennan has moved into riding a few colts once they’re further along as well as helping Clint work the wild ones that we get in.

Throughout the school year as well as summer, most days they saddle up and work on their horsemanship. Then, they may ride out to check cattle or some other job that needs done here on the ranch.

They’ve also moved into a teaching role in our clinics as well. Instructing adults is not an easy task for a teen or preteen, but they do it with grace.

Over the years, I’ve watched them blossom into responsible, considerate, hardworking girls. Seeing first-hand what it takes to run our business has made them more aware of the needs of those around them. Chores have made them more appreciative of having someone lend them a hand. And made them more willing to return the favor.

Yes, sometimes it’s “enough already” with all the work to be done around here, and we’d all like to go sit on a beach somewhere. But I see what a work ethic this life has built into Brennan, Abigail and Carley Griffin and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

It’ll serve ’em well in life.

A little horsemanship in the snow

A little horsemanship in the snow




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  • I need to send Will and John Cooper to spend a summer with you. Call me next time your in Meridian. We need to catch up.

    • Ashley Weaver
      2 years ago

      Kim!! They’re welcome anytime. We’ll wear ’em out. ☺ Would love to catch up!💜

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