On Your Twelfth Birthday

Twelfth Birthday

The day you were born, you were all red with chubby cheeks.

I gazed at your sweet face while you slept, so mild, so meek.

You’ve always walked to the beat of a different drum,

Doing your own thing, you might even seem shy to some.

But really you’re just watching, thinking, and taking it all in,

When you speak, you mean it; you don’t use your words just to win.

You’re an artist, an inventor, and you make killer obstacle courses.

Every day you become a little more like your dad, whispering to those horses.

You’ve got a heart for God and you want to live your life right

So much that at times, you back down when you probably should fight.

I can’t wait to see all the doors God opens for you,

Remember, I think you’re amazing and to yourself be true.

Happy Birthday, “Abby Lu”



Love you to the moon,




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