My Mom


“Nancee” to many, “”Mom” to my brother and I and “Honey” to her grandchildren.  My mom is one of the most giving, compassionate, full of life and fun people I know.

Mom had Kool-Aid and cookies for the whole neighborhood. She did cartwheels in the front yard with me. She always packed these rocking school lunches with an extra item for trading. (She got it, you know?)

In my older years she would sit on my bed and listen when I needed her. Or crank up the kitchen to sauté mushrooms for a late night snack.

She cheered me on when I made the decision to marry my horseman in Colorado and make a life out west. Even though I know it made her heart ache to see me go.

My girls have always loved cuddling up with “Honey” to read a book, sing a song or have her pray with them.

She’s game for anything. Whether it’s shopping ‘til we drop, helping with chores or traveling to visit where ever way-out-west place we’re living at the time.

I haven’t been able to spend many Mother’s Days with Mom in the past twenty years. We’ve lived far apart, but she’s always in my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you.







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  • Nancee Greer
    2 years ago

    Ahhh, my sweet, precious, daughter that I love sooo much!!! It is so easy to be your Mother. You bring me much joy!! Happy Mother’s Day to You also!!!

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