My Horseman and Me – The almost “Adios” to ranch life – Part 10

Another new ranch job was on the horizon! We were preparing to say goodbye to ranch life, but that phone call turned things around.

Our friend called one night to let Clint know that management had experienced a change of heart. Not only were they going to hire Clint full time, but they were remodeling a house for us.


The next couple of months consisted of packing, working and me going back and forth to the home improvement store, picking out counter tops, flooring, carpeting, paint.

That part was fun. Really fun.

At the beginning of April, just a year after moving into the trailer by the river, we moved again. This time, to our new ranch, Shadow Creek Ranch. Forty-five minutes away. Higher elevation, even more snow, incredible views. I mean, breathtaking views.

The house seemed enormous after living in the little white house with 6 foot ceilings and the single wide trailer!

We had a washer and dryer in our house. First time since we’d been married. No more loading up baskets of dirty laundry and hanging out in the laundromat for hours. A dishwasher too! I’m telling you, I felt high fallutin’. It was like magic. Waking up to clean dishes. What in the world would I do with all that time?

Three bedrooms and two baths was waaaay more space than we had ever had. We were lacking in the way of furniture. It had never been an issue because everywhere we lived was so small. We made due with most of the furniture already in the previous two houses. When we moved into our new chateau, we didn’t even own a couch. Seriously.  For a few weeks, we hung out in our bedroom when we got home from work; the one room with furniture.

Over the next few months I made a trip down to Denver and bought living room furniture.  I also drove back from a trip down south with a U-Haul full of furniture that spruced up one of the other bedrooms. Slowly, but surely, we were filling it up.

I also gave my notice at the ski area. No more full time. No more seasonal jobs. No more salary for me…Gulp.

I was going to be a ranch wife…whatever that meant.


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  • nancee
    1 year ago

    Many great times were had at Shadow Creek .. it was really beautiful there!! Thanks for those memories. Mom 🙂

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