My horseman and Me, Part Two

So, here we were, newly married, living in a majestic spot in the Colorado Rocky Mountains right on the Colorado River. Our house was the first in a long succession of ranch houses – most have a few quirks; some more than others. This one was part house built around part of a camper. Do you call that a “hamper” or a “couse”? I’ll let you soak on that one.

The walls were a dark, old paneling; the carpet was lime green & brown shag. The ceilings were right around 6 feet tall, so that Clint couldn’t wear his cowboy hat inside. (On the upside, it was easy for my five foot two inch self to get cobwebs down) I moved in a few weeks before our wedding and got to work. By the time the week of our wedding rolled around and we had guests arriving at the ranch, I had painted the main room (kitchen/den/dining) a creamy white; a definite improvement.

 The Little White House

The Little White House

Our furniture consisted of our “couch” which was a twin bed that was already there, oh, I put a cute comforter on it and lined pillows on the back against the wall, but it was what it was… a twin bed. We had an old dresser in the bedroom and a king size bed – also both were there before we were. There was a stark contrast throughout the place with the new towels, bedding & kitchenware that we had received as wedding gifts and the old furniture, old carpeting, old linoleum.

We didn’t care – a perk of being oblivious and in love! We got married in mid-September right there on the ranch amidst Aspen turning yellow and headed into our first winter in Colorado.

Clint and I both got jobs at a Ski Resort about 30 minutes away, close to Winter Park, CO. We fed horses in the morning, worked at the ski area all day, and then came home to our dogs, funky well water, a few mice who had chosen to winter with us and one big, elusive pack rat! We rode horses in the snow on our days off, practicing the horsemanship skills we were learning, and Clint taught me to ski on our breaks at work.

Me in front of our gigantic snow pile that first winter!

me in front of our gigantic snow pile that first winter!

By the end of that winter, Clint and I had mastered driving in the snow and feeding in 20 below weather. We had made friends with some surrounding ranchers and I could get down the hill on skis without breaking my neck. We chalked it up as a success and geared up for a summer of riding in the mountains.



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