Homeschooling Can Be a Real Drag

homeschooling can be a real drag


Sometimes, homeschooling can be a real drag…”

This sentence stuck with me.

It was said by a friend who homeschooled her children all the way through to college. She spoke these words to me as we loaded up my dusty Expedition with her unused Scholastic books, science kit experiments, and text books.

I was just beginning my homeschooling journey.

I’ve appreciated that statement over the last few years.

On the days when we hit a bump in the road (or fall in a pot hole) on this homeschool path, it gives me permission to feel frustrated. To feel like I’d rather not do this today.  To feel like I’d rather send them to school and help with homework and volunteer in their classrooms. To feel like I’d rather skip yet another battle of the wills over why looking up a word in the dictionary instead of simply “Googling” the definition is an action worth taking.  Hypothetically speaking

I had a day like that last week.

One of the girls was really struggling with a new math lesson. I was trying to explain it a different way to see if we could bridge the gap of what she was missing. It was not going well. Meaning: I was about to pull my hair out or curl up in the fetal position.

*Side note here* I’m a writer. In school, anything to do with literature, writing, or communications came pretty easily to me. Math did not come easily to me. I struggled in math. I kinda dreaded math. And many times, I felt like there was some part of the concept that was floating in the air that I just couldn’t seem to grasp. Like attempting to catch a cloud in your hands. You think you have it, but then, when you open your clenched fist, it’s gone.

So, when we started homeschooling, I wanted to make sure that if one of the girls struggled in an area, that we put lessons on hold until we figured out whatever concept she was stuck on. That’s what we’ve done and it’s paid off.*

Back to that day last week.

We had to take a breather from each other. Five minutes spent in separate rooms. I don’t know what she did with her time. (Probably grumbled some not-so-nice things about me.) Me? I prayed. I took a few deep breaths. And I remembered what my wise friend stated to me.

Sometimes, homeschooling can be a real drag…” And I felt better about not loving this moment. I felt better about wanting to run out of the house, yelling, waving my arms above my head.

I called her back to the kitchen table and we started again.

We worked on scratch paper. I’m sure my hands were flailing as I explained things (Tie my hands down and I probably wouldn’t be able to talk).  I drew a picture or two (Cause I’m totally a visual learner ). Then, we started working the problems together. Talking out loud through each step.

And then it happened.

She worked through a problem by herself and got it right. The smile on that sweet girl’s face I cannot even begin to describe to you!

She hugged me. She apologized for the aforementioned slide-down-the-slippery-slope-of-sanity.

I watched her pack up her math books for the day. She practically floated out of the room. On that cloud she had finally caught, I suppose.

I prayed. I took a few deep breaths. And I remembered what my wise friend told me that day.

Sometimes, homeschooling can be a real drag…But, if you hang in there and stick with it; it’s so worth it.”

Indeed it is.



5 Responses to “Homeschooling Can Be a Real Drag

  • Good advice! It is always nice to have your discouragement acknowledged and encouragement provided! It is very much that time of year, too. And we’re only doing kindergarten and second grade around here! Oh, and the three year old who has absolutely no interest in letting me know what he knows. He has nothing to prove, I guess 🙂 I’m enjoying reading your blog. My parents had never told me you homeschool your girls (although I guess it should have been obvious when they said how far you usually live from towns). I can’t even imagine trying to plan going to the grocery store hours away!!! I have a hard time managing our food situation and we have several grocery stores within 5 minutes!

    • Ashley Weaver
      10 months ago

      Julie, Julie! So good to hear from you! I didn’t know you were homeschooling. I love your words, “It is always nice to have your discouragement acknowledged…” So true. I think those words apply to so many areas of motherhood. The Lord reminds me often that He knows right where I am and usually sends something or someone to acknowledge my discouragement. I laughed when I read about your three year old. Our #2 & #3 daughters are only 18 months apart. I had three years with our oldest. We sang songs, repeated nursery rhymes…by the time #3 came (three in four years) I was in more survival mode. I would try to sing the ABC Song with the last two in their toddler years and they would yell, “That’s not the way it goes!” Even though it was. What? They all walk to the beat of their own drum. 🙂 Thanks for reading my friend!

  • So perfectly written, I am not sure the exact way I am planning on schooling multiples I will have a 2nd grader and a kinder next year with a 4 year old 2 year old and a new one. It is to say the least overwhelming to think of the battles that are in store for me. However this year my 1st grader learned to read Books Signs Grocery Store items you name she was sounding them out, and I sat back and watched her eyes and smile of “I got it” I felt so proud and accomplished. Thank you for sharing Ashley these words will forever ring in my ears when we have a storm a brewing.

    • Ashley Weaver
      10 months ago

      These words have been such a blessing to me through our homeschooling adventure! I was hoping that they would bless someone else as well. There are so many incredible moments in homeschooling our kids, aren’t there? But, there are so many of those “other” moments as well. Moments of doubt, of frustration, of wishing for a lounge chair on the beach (that might just be me 🙂 ). Those are the times God has reminded me of these words. My hat is off to you, Megan…you’re gonna have 5!!!

  • A very good reminder for all of us – concerning “LIFE”. Thanks!!!

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