Holy Time

Holy Time

My morning started out like the picture above. Glorious. Quiet. Serene….

Early morning is my time.

No one else is up and I’m free to ingest too much coffee without judgement, read my devotion, have a nice long chat with the Lord and get some writing done.

I look forward to it. I call it my Holy Time.

This morning I fed the horses and let the girls’ goats out to graze.

We have a delicate system of goats out, dogs up, then goats up and dogs out. We have cattle dogs and they’ve made no bones about the fact that they’re patiently waiting for one little slip up on our part and we’ll have a goat massacre like we’ve never seen.

I poured myself a cup of caffeine, scooped up my devotion book and Bible and proceeded to my favorite chair outside.

It wasn’t long before I began to feel something hitting my head. “Is someone throwing something?” I looked around for the prankster invading Holy Time. No one there.

It happened again. And again.

Now things are bouncing off the table next to me! Finally, I look up and see in the tree above me, little birds, one of God’s creations, happily jumping from limb to limb. And their joyful celebration is releasing dried bird poop…all over me.

Nice. Very nice.

I move my chair over to safety and settle back in.

Within five minutes, the goats find me.

One keeps trying to crawl up into my lap. I push him down. The other one is nibbling on my Bible. Heeeey! In a flash, the lap goat is back up. This time, he’s half in my chair, we’re almost nose to nose, and he sneezes. More like he launches a full blown assault on me in the form of a sneezing fit. He’s sneezing on me, on my Bible and into my cup of caffeine. It’s happening so fast and I can’t get away! He’s sneezing over and over and I’m scrambling to get out of that chair!!!!

Once I’m standing, the lap goat jumps up onto my chair and does a back flip off.


I know when I’m licked. I’m starting the day with bird poop in my hair and my skin slathered in goat snot.

So much for Holy Time.

I fought the goat and the goat won.

I fought the goat and the goat won.



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