Good-bye Rocky

A horseman's wife a girl and her horse good bye rocky

Last month, we had to say good-bye to Rocky, Carley’s horse.

He was old and it was time.

Believe you me, that was not an easy decision to make.

The hardest part of all was the day when we had to tell Carley what needed to happen.

Big crocodile tears and a trembling lower lip.

We knew about a year ago that Rocky’s days were numbered, but it didn’t make it any easier once the time was upon us.

Rocky was Carley’s first horse. The first horse that was her very own. That wouldn’t be for sale (pitfall of being a horse trainer’s kid – once Clint gets our horses really nice, they tend to be sold) unless it was her decision.

A Horseman's Wife girls swimming with their ranch horses a girl and her horse

Rocky packed her all over this Nevada desert. She learned to gather cows on him, rope on him, and rode miles and miles with her sisters on him. He was the first horse she took swimming in the pond.

He was a sport.

A Horseman's Wife girls and ranch horses a girl and her horse

He let her hang on his neck, slide off his back and down his tail, and carted her American girl doll around.

A Horseman's Wife a girl and her horse good bye rocky

Rocky was just the kind of horse a young girl needs.

In the past year, Carley hadn’t ridden him much because Rocky had gotten too old for ranch work. He mostly cruised around the pastures, munching on grass. Carley would bring him in and wash him, braid his tail, give him grain, and put funny hats on him.

A Horseman's Wife ranch horses a girl and her horse

He had gotten a bit cranky with the rest of us, but always came when Carley stepped out into the pasture. He was up for whatever she wanted to do with him…to him.

Being on the ranch, Carley has other horses to ride. Horses that are younger, in better shape, and help her get her job done. But, there will only be one Rocky.

Ashley Weaver a horseman's wife girls roping and their ranch horses a girl and her horse


The day she said goodbye to him, she hugged and hugged him. We hung out in the pasture with him and told “Rocky stories”.

We talked about how she would have horses come and go in her life, but you just never forget your first horse.

Oh Rocky, you are missed.



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