Flagging, Flailing on the ice and Florida – My Week

My sweet father-in-law with our nieces

This week was an interesting one.

We started the week off with snow turning to lots of slush and sheets of solid ice. Clint and I put a plan together to shuttle horses over to him. Us girls also needed to help him get the first few rides on some colts. We worked in shifts each day sloshing around in our muck boots.

My father-in-law, who lives in Florida, had a quadruple bypass on Tuesday. He’s doing really well, by the way. At times like this, Nevada feels even further away from the South than it actually is.

The girls made “jello” from a natural mix I bought. I was so proud of myself – no toxins, no artificial coloring. I will refrain from any adjectives. I will just say…it was not good. Not good. Really. Not. Good.

I posted a blog post with what I thought was a really funny video clip to illustrate my point. I had no idea it was jam-packed with obscene language! Thank you, Mom, for the 911 text you sent right away. Thank goodness my mom reads my blog. I’ll be staying away from video clips for the time being.

Carley Griffin, our youngest, moved from F-I-T (Flagger In Training) to official flagger. For you non-horsey folks, we help Clint start colts by using a flag to help him get them moving on the first couple of rides.

Carley Griffin - official flagger

Clint flew to Florida to help his parents until the middle of next week. So, it’s just us girls here for now.

Today, it’s raining, which will make our slush even slushier.

We’re down to a can of tuna, some peanut butter and half a gallon of milk (it’s not quite that bad, but it’s close), so the girls and I will put my muddy Expedition in four wheel drive and brave it outta here to town. If you don’t hear back, we’re stuck somewhere in the desert.

Enjoy your weekend!



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  • love your blog. Wish the best for Clint’s Dad’s recovery.

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