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Wal-Mart Gift Cards with Incomm

Travel Fairy Revelations, Gift Cards, and Wonderful Walmart

**This post was sponsored by InComm and Walmart as part of the      #SaveMoneyGiveBetter2017 campaign. All opinions are mine.** Gift cards as...

A horsemans wife a girls and her horse

Good-bye Rocky

Last month, we had to say good-bye to Rocky, Carley’s horse. He was old and it was time. Believe you...

Life was out to get me

That Week When Life Was Out to Get Me

A few weeks ago, life was out to get me. Or just bruise the heck out of me. Or, I’m...

Life spent looking through a windshield

Where did Summer go?

And I’m back from yet another sabbatical. A summer sabbatical. If we call it a sabbatical, it sounds better than...

raising girls and letting go

Raising Girls and Letting Go

Having children means learning to let go. (sigh) Last week, Brennan and I loaded the truck and trailer with 4...