My Horseman and Me – Becoming a Horseman Part 11

Life at Shadow Creek Ranch was really good.

Good pay, good housing, we made good friends during our time on the ranch that became lifelong friends.

And let us not forget the perks.

We had spectacular views and incredible elk hunting. Clint even got tips from being a hunting guide.

Tips like seats on the 50 yard line at a Denver Broncos game. Tips like on-the-glass seating at an Avalanche’s Hockey game. Tips like fancy dinners and folded up cash tucked into his shirt pocket.

Yep, there were some nice perks.

We spent many a Saturday night with our friends who also lived on the ranch, Michael and Dawn Moon. Sitting by a fire, listening to them play and sing. Watching their kids dance in the firelight. I miss that still today.

Like I said, life was good.

After almost a year on the ranch, we had our first of the three cowgirls. Little Miss B.

We had been married almost five years when our “two” became “three” and life changed dramatically.

The changes were quite different for me than they were for Clint.

For a few months, okay, closer to a year, I was obsessed with schedules and breast feeding and all natural food products. I agonized over which diaper was the best. My life revolved around the feeding schedule and trying to time getting to town before another feeding was required. Feeding, feeding, feeding.

I was annoying. I acknowledge it. 🙂

And I thought Little Miss B was the best thing that had come along since sliced bread.

To me, this ranch job was a blessing. It was a blessing living on that beautiful ranch. It was a blessing being able to be home with Little Miss B.

We had worked hard in those early years. Not knowing exactly what we wanted or how to get it. Waiting for the right opportunity.

I was grateful for that phone call that brought us to Shadow Creek.

Clint was ranching and riding. Lots of riding.

We had settled into ranch life. I thought. Peaceful. Calm. Secure.

Fascinating how timing works, isn’t it?

While the mother in me was emerging, the horseman in my husband was surfacing.



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