A Horseman walks into a House with a Rope, a Halter and some Leather…

Sounds like the beginning to a joke, right?


Just another snippet into my life as a horseman’s wife.

Last week, Clint flew away on a jet plane for a horsemanship clinic in Mississippi.

I had communicated for months with the clinic host and all the major details were nicely wrapped up on my end. Liability waivers, sign-in sheets, name tags, pens, wristbands were packed and ready.

Our portable PA system, which goes everywhere with us during clinic season, was tucked away, ready to travel with Clint as his carry on. (Probably Clint’s least favorite thing about clinic air travel – TSA security people do not like that PA System.)

My last responsibility was packing his clothes.

Those darn starched shirts are not easy to fold and pack. But it must be done.

A sincere Thank You to Martha Stewart, for this video on folding button down shirts. Once I stumbled upon this video, my task of packing button down shirts got a little easier. (Just leave it to Martha)

So, ironed jeans and shirts had been carefully folded and placed in the suitcase. His spurs were in there too, separated from the clean clothes, of course. The suitcase was zipped up and by the back door.

I was feeling mighty on-top-of-it and pretty proud of everything being in its place way before Clint was ready to pull out for the 4 hour trip to the airport.

So much for that. My horseman walked into the house with a rope in his hand, a halter hanging from his forearm, and a few leather straps. Items he was going to “just throw in the suitcase”.

Martha would probably have been so disappointed.

Or she’d already have a packing method for getting those items in nice and neat as well.

Because she’s Martha.

I couldn’t look. I don’t know where he put his “must haves” and I have no idea what his clothes looked like once he made it to Mississippi.

I guess I should be thankful for the cold snap that hit Mississippi last weekend. He kept a coat or a sweater on the whole time; according to the pictures I received.

But he had his rope, his halter, his assorted leather straps.

Priorities people. Priorities.



2 Responses to “A Horseman walks into a House with a Rope, a Halter and some Leather…

  • See? You are not supposed to iron so much!!😁

    • Ashley Weaver
      10 months ago

      Indeed! One of my favorite Erma Bombeck quotes, “My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.” 🙂

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