About A Horseman’s Wife

Welcome! I’m Ashley Weaver – A Horseman’s Wife. This is where I write about everything under the sun in hopes of encouraging, inspiring and entertaining you. I’m working on a Tales of a Horseman’s Wife  section on my adventures, past and present, in the last 20 years of being married to a horseman. At this point, I live 26 miles down a dirt road in the Nevada Desert – I trek around in boots, home school our three spirited daughters, wrangle chickens, help my husband start colts and run our horse business.

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When we’re not on the road hauling horses or traveling for horsemanship clinics, I spend my days washing jeans, wrangling kids and now, I’m trying to carve out a little time to write.

I was raised a Mississippi Southern Belle. Boating on the lake, cheering at Friday night football games and beach trips were right up my alley. I met a cowboy in college and life took a turn. His cowboy hat, Wrangler Jeans and dreamy smile made me go weak in the knees. From that point on I began my transformation from Southern gal to a horseman’s wife and I traded in Magnolia blossoms for the sweet smell of Sagebrush.

A little about my family: We have three daughters; Brennan is our oldest. She’s heading into her high school years. She’s incredibly creative, sensitive and has her dad’s way with a horse. Next is Abigail who  has such a tender heart. She is quite the artist and has a work ethic I could only hope to achieve someday. When I can’t find Abigail, she’s usually out riding her horse, Bogie, bareback through the pastures. Carley Griffin is our youngest. She was born full of fire!

Where we live - our little slice of heaven.

Where we live – our little slice of heaven. You may have to squint to see our spot See the road? That leads straight to us.

She keeps us laughing and shaking our heads. She’s got a flair for the dramatic! Carley Griffin is becoming quite the cowgirl! My husband, Clint, the horseman, is nothing short of amazing. I’ve followed him all over the west on his journey of growing into the horseman he wants to be – that quest is never-ending, I must add. He’s strong, passionate, tenacious, and loves the Lord with all his heart. He has a way with the horses that is God-given. Because of him, I am a horseman’s wife.

First and foremost, I love Christ. I also love to spend time with my family, read, cook, write, sew (I’m actually not much of a sewer, but I’d like to be! Does that count?), garden and ride, when I have time.  I’ve grown to love the ranch life in a way that still surprises me.

I’ve started this blog because I’ve always considered myself a writer even during the years that I wasn’t putting words on paper or typing away on a keyboard. I’ve been wanting to write, meaning to write for more years than I care to admit.  Somehow life got in the way.  I’ve put a lot of “me” on hold, without realizing it, while we moved around and raised our daughters.

Thank you for checking in. I hope you hang around for a while and come back soon.