About A Horseman’s Wife

about a horseman's wife

I’m Ashley Weaver – A Horseman’s Wife.

Who am I? Here’s the short version…

Mississippi born and raised.  Met a boy who wore a cowboy hat during my last year in college. His Wrangler Jeans and dreamy smile made me weak in the knees. I swooned at his tales of the west – riding through the sage, the sight of snow-capped mountains, and staring up at a bright starry sky.

I was hooked. Mostly on him but also on the idea of living the ranch life out west.

I was ready to trade Magnolia Blossoms for Sagebrush. Mockingbirds for Magpies.

And so we did.

I’ve had twenty plus years of being a horseman’s wife. Three kids (all girls), 11 moves, 5 states, and more horses than I can count, and we’re still living the ranch life out west. For the past seven years, we’ve called Northern Nevada home.

The aroma of sage in bloom, a glimpse of my horseman riding a colt against the backdrop of a desert sunset, and the echo of our girls’ laughter as they ride out from the house to check cows is the sweet stuff of which ranch life is made…there’s also a never-ending mountain of jeans to wash and the constant battle of keeping the house from smelling like the barn.

My walk with the Lord and living this life has filled me up with great memories and some mighty good stories.

Here in my little corner of the digi-world, I share recipes (old and new), thoughts on walking in faith, letters to my daughters, funny tales that you just wouldn’t make up, and the story of my horseman and me.

I’m a freelance writer. If you’re here checking out my blog and would like to know if I’d like to write for you; the answer is probably yes.

I also work with brands as a storyteller; creating content that breathes life into a product.  Because any product or service has a story to be told. And everybody loves a good story. Everybody.

If you’d like to chat about working together, I’ll meet you on my contact page. 😉

If you’re looking for a little something to read, I’ll meet you everywhere else (in a completely non-creepy way).

Ashley – a horseman’s wife