This Morning Came Early


This morning came early. Sooo early.

We pulled in around nine o’clock last night from a great cow working clinic over the weekend.  Unloaded horses, luggage, and groceries. Pulled on our pj’s and crawled into bed.

When my alarm blared this morning at 5:04 am (That extra four minutes gave me an edge today), I slithered out of bed with one eye open, hit the button on the coffee pot and headed down to feed.

An hour and a half later, I was back down at the barn, still in my red and white polka dot pajama pants, brushing manes and tails on the horses Clint was preparing to load into the trailer and haul into town to meet owners.

Clint pulled out and I slogged back up the hill to the house for more coffee – I may need to hook up an IV today for a constant caffeine flow.

I’ve got laundry going, book keeping to get to and button-down shirts to iron (that’s a never ending job.).

We’ll leave in a few days heading back to California for another clinic and stay for an extra week to hit a roping on Memorial Day Weekend.

Believe it or not, I can’t wait. Did I really just say that?

The life of a horseman’s wife is the life for me

There’s horses galore and the sagebrush sea.

We see life through a truck window or from a horse’s back

Days could be easier in town but there’s so much we’d lack.



2 Responses to “This Morning Came Early

  • Thanks for the update .. nice pj ‘s!! 😄 I’m not sure if coffee comes in an IV .. hmmm .. a thought though. Keep on keeping on. Hugs – Mom

    • Ashley Weaver
      2 years ago

      Awwww Mom! Maybe not an IV, but possibly one of those hats with the straws coming down on each side. Not sure how I’ll avoid scalding my mouth though…

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