Sunday My Heart was A Singin’

Spring is busy here. A boatload of horses in for training, calves to brand, irrigating and traveling for clinics. Feels like we’re always on the run.

Last Sunday was one of those days that makes your soul say, “Ahhhhhhh”.

We did church at home, then everyone went their separate ways for a while. (As much as we love it out here, we get A Lot of togetherness. Sometimes maybe a little too much. So, we’re all good to go do our own thing at times.)

I got a quick, “We’ll see ya when we see ya” over the shoulder from Abigail and Carley Griffin and they were out the door.

After a while, I figured I’d go see what they were up to.

I found them. Wrapped in curtains they had found in a box packed with old linens.

The curtains were capes.


Acting out a drama. (I couldn’t quite hear it all from my hiding spot)



I’m not sure what was happenin’ here…



Running for their lives.



Having a chat.


Watching them made my heart sing.



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